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HomeShredUK is dedicated to keeping your confidential information safe and secure.

How Much Does a Sack Hold?

Our Eco-Shred Sacks have been specifically designed as a medium size sack in order to be manageable and adhere to health and safety lifting requirements. Due to paper being relatively heavy.

Our Eco-Shred sacks will hold a pile of A4 paper approximately 15 inches high and the sacks when fully filled will not exceed 15KG.

What Can I Fill the Sacks With?

Please see below list of paper related items that can be included within your Eco-Shred sack for shredding:

  • All grades of paper
  • Staples and paper clips
  • Metals fastenings
  • Metal spines and spiral pads
  • Manila folders
  • Card
  • Hardback diaries
  • Cheque book stubs
  • Envelopes
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Passports

We kindly ask to NOT enclose bull dog clips and lever arch files within the Eco-Shred sacks as these damage and blunt the shredder blades. We also cannot accept plastic folders & wallets within the sacks.

Will the Sacks be Cross-Shredded?

Our self sealing paper Eco-Shred Sacks provide the highest security possible for your sensitive paperwork. Once you have sealed the sacks at your home or office we collect them and they are transported to a CCTV managed shredding facility.

HomeShredUK guarantees your confidential paperwork is fully cross-shredded within our security-approved industrial shredders.

Do I Need to be Home to Receive the Sacks?

The Sacks come folded and are dispatched in a large letter sized plastic wallet which is designed to go through your door. You therefore do not need to be at home or work to sign for them as the Royal Mail Postman will deliver them through your letter box.

How Long is the Delivery of the Sacks?

We do not use a third party to dispatch your sacks but post out ourselves from our Head Office in Chichester. We send out via Royal Mail in the first class post. Orders received up until 3 p.m. are dispatched on the same day and orders after 3 p.m. are dispatched the following working day. Online orders received on the weekend are dispatched on the following Monday.

Do I Need to be at Home or Work to Have the Collection?

We appreciate our customers have busy lives however we do recommend that our collection team pick up the home shred sacks from you in person. If you are not able to be at home or work when our collection team arrives then we are able to collect the sacks from a designated place of your choosing. We also suggest that the sacks are secure and not unattended and do not accept any responsibility for the sacks if left out unsecured however if this is unavoidable then we can collect sacks which are left in a porch, shed, garage, carport or even with a neighbour etc.

Buy Sacks

2 Sacks

Our introductory 2-sack pack is ideal for smaller volumes of confidential paper such as an annual clearout of old bank statements and utility bills. Or perhaps you have recently changed jobs and have employment documents and reports to shred. The 2-sack pack gets you started!

£ 9.99

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5 Sacks

Home movers and home office workers find our medium sized 5-sack pack is ideal. Our most popular size it has many uses such as a thorough clear out of domestic paperwork, or you need to clear a backlog of work documents. The 5-sack pack gets the job done!

£ 19.99

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10 Sacks

The 10-sack pack is excellent value for money and caters for larger volumes of shredding. Ideal if you really need to have a big clear out, or have recently retired and have boxes of files and paperwork to securely dispose of, or business documents that are over the 7 year period.

£ 26.99

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