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Your client’s data protected from the front door to the shredder.

Step 1

These Eco-SHRED sacks help you collect and store your personal and confidential paperwork. The sacks are approximately two feet high and 35 litres in volume which is about three-quarters of the size of a normal black bin liner. A well packed sack can hold around 4 to 5 reams of A4 paper.

Buy Sacks

2 Sacks

This starter 2-Pack is ideal for smaller volumes of paper that are generated within the Home Office. Perhaps you are self-employed or a one man band and in need of having an annual clear out of your company accounts, maybe just clearing out the filing cabinets... the 2-Pack gets you started.

£ 9.99

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5 Sacks

The 5-Pack caters well for our clients who generate medium volumes of paperwork. Ideal for bookkeepers, accountants, social workers etc working from home, the 5-Pack helps you to de-clutter the home office and free up valuable space.

£ 19.99

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10 Sacks

The 10-Pack is for the serious producer of confidential paperwork. Ideal for larger quantities of archived paperwork over the 7 year HMRC threshold or if you are moving house or retiring. The 10-Pack is great value and enables years and years of business paperwork to bagged up and securely destroyed with ease.

£ 26.99

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Step 2: Your Sacks are Delivered

The Shred-Packs are sent by Royal Mail directly to your home, for you to securely store your confidential paperwork. They are small enough to go through the letterbox so you don't need to be in to receive them.

"It should be this easy to deal with every company - polite, informative, do exactly what they promise in a timely way."
- Customer in Southampton, 16 July 2014

Step 3: Fill Your Sacks

There is no need to remove staples, paper clips or take the paper out of manila folders! All of this can be handled by the secure shredding centre. All you have to do is stack the paper, card, bank statements or sensitive documents in the sack, seal it up (the sacks are self-sealing) and book your collection date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sack hold? When carefully filled our Eco-SHRED sacks contain a pile of A4 paper approximately 15 inches high. It is around 4 reams of paper and up to 15kg in weight, which makes them manageable to move around the home and for the delivery men to pick up.

What can I fill the sacks with? You'll be surprised what our strong, industrial shredders can shred: all grades of paper, staples and paper clips, metals fastenings, metal spines and spiral pads, folders, card, hardback diaries, cheque book stubs, envelopes, catalogues and brochures, books, magazines, credit and debit cards, passports, acetates, x-rays. We cannot accept lever-arch files or bulldog clips.

Will the paper be recycled after the shredding process? Once the EcoShred sacks are sealed at your premises, your sensative paperwork remains securely contained all the way to a CCTV-managed shredding facility. The sacks and their contents are fully cross-shredded and the shredded paper is 100% recycled.

Do I need to be home to receive the sacks? We post the sacks via Royal Mail and they are dispatched folded, within a plastic wallet, which is designed to go through your letterbox. You therefore do not need to stay in to receive your sacks.

How long is delivery of the sacks? For orders received by 3pm we dispatch the sacks via Royal Mail and they should reach you within 2 working days.

Step 4: Book Your Collection Date

When you are ready for collection we'll organise a convenient time for our police-vetted staff to collect from your home in our satellite-tracked vans. Simply click on 'order now', input your postcode and the system will tell you which day of the week we cover your area.

Collections are made between the hours of 9am and 5pm by a member of our collection team. Once the payment is complete you will receive an email confirmation that your collection has been scheduled.

Sack Collection

2 Sack Collection

The HomeShred 2 Sack Collection includes a single collection and shredding of 1-2 sacks.

£ 54.99

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5 Sack Collection

The HomeShred 5 Sack Collection includes a single collection and shredding of 3-5 sacks.

£ 64.99

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10 Sack Collection

The HomeShred 10 Sack Collection includes a single collection and shredding of 6-10 sacks.

£ 74.99

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Step 5: Complete Peace of Mind

The sacks are taken to a secure facility and shredded within a strict 24-hour period. A ‘Certificate of Destruction' is supplied for all our customers. We only shred at high-security CCTV managed shredding facilities, where the van goes into the building and remains secure until the shredding process has been completed.

HomeShred UK's personable and friendly shredding service helps make the task of securely disposing of your personal documents simple and stress-free.

Certificate of Destruction

Upon collecting your sacks we shred the contents within a strict 24-hour period at a secure CCTV managed shredding facility.

We issue a 'Certificate of Destruction' via email upon completion which details the quantity of sacks shredded, the date of collection and the date of shredding.

Environmentally Aware

Our document shredding companies are committed to the secure destruction of our clients' confidential documents, we are also here to protect our environment and recycle 100% of the paper after the shredding process.

We even use 'Eco-SHRED Sacks' which are made from sustainably sourced paper to store our client's sensitive documents which are fully shreddable and recyclable!

An Ideal Service for the Home Office

The home office is more popular than ever and workers such as accountants, book keepers and IFA's across the nation are enjoying the advantages of home based employment.

Although we aim for the paperless office, we still all generate paperwork at work, some of which is highly confidential.

Both your customers and employees have a legal right to have their information protected and it is a business’ legal requirement under the Data Protection Act of 1998 to protect this information and failure to comply is a criminal offence...HomeShredUK's shredding service is here to protect the integrity of your home based business.

You can trust us
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