Hard Drive Destruction

Secure destruction of your hard drive is now available with the HomeShredUK service. Your data will never be read again once it has gone through our hole piercing process.

Destroying the Disc

1 Within each and every hard drive, there is ′platter′ (disk) which is where all your computer ′s information and files are stored. This is locked away inside the protective outer casing and, unfortunately, hitting that with a hammer, or putting it next to a magnet, does not get close to harming the internal platter.

2 As part of our Hard Drive Destruction service, HomeShredUK carefully extracts the internal platter containing all your personal information.

3 The Hard Drive Destroyer renders the disc useless by simultaneously piercing 50 holes straight through the metal, 25 holes up and 25 holes down.

This process 100% annihilates the platter, guaranteeing your hard drive to be 100% unreadable and having 0% risk to Identity theft. Solid State Drives can also be put through this process and for every drive destroyed we issue a Certificate of Destruction.

When your Eco-Shred sacks are picked up, just hand your hard drive, or even your old PC and laptop to a HomeShredUK employee and it will be taken away to be totally destroyed. A Destruction Certificate will be sent as proof.

Your data will be safe in our hands

The cost to destroy one hard drive is £15* inc VAT when ordered as part of the secure paper shredding service. Hard Drive Destruction is also available as a stand-alone service, please telephone the office for more details about prices and the areas covered.

Laptops and PCs Accepted

If you are not certain how to remove the hard drive from a PC or Laptop give the HomeShredUK employee your old equipment and we ′ll remove the hard drive, destroy it and send you a certificate of destruction.

The remaining tower or laptop carcass shall then be recycled as part of our environmental policy.

The cost to destroy a hard drive is £ 18* inc VAT whether it is in or out of a PC or laptop.

*The £ 18 charge per hard drive is applicable when collecting the Eco-Shred sacks at the same time. If a collection of just hard drives is required, a minimum collection charge will apply. Please contact the office to discuss.

Keeping your Data Secure

Since the start of HomeShredUK in May 2011 we have shredded confidential paperwork from over 14,000 homes and offices across the United Kingdom.

Our primary objective is to eliminate the risk of identity theft and having listened to our clients concerns, it became apparent that as well as paperwork, old hard drives from redundant PC ′s and Laptops need to be kept safe from identity thieves.

It is common knowledge that even when a hard drive has been wiped, over 90% of the data is recoverable by using software freely available on the Internet, or by UK companies providing a hard drive recovery service.

So whether you are an individual householder, run a business from home or are a commercial office, it is essential to understand and realise the real risk and to begin to look at your old hard drives like a ′gold bar ′ which is potentially ′priceless ′ to criminal organisations and identity thieves.

Collection Areas within the UK

The areas we currently cover for the collection and destruction of hard drives are Mainland England and South Wales. Our hard drive destruction is not currently available in North Wales or Scotland

Please call the office on 01243 858399 to discuss any of your concerns. If you want your sensitive documents securely shredded at the same time then please look at the options with our Eco-Shred pages.

You can trust us
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